How It Works
Getting the detail
1. Register in MyVideo and select the subscription plans you want. You can always choose your movies in MyVideo, 24 hours a day. Just login and add your favorites into your queue list from the huge library of our highly selected movies. Please try to add as many movies as you like to make sure it does not run out. You can arrange the queue’s order at any time. If you cannot find any favorites, please report to us and we will try our best to satisfy your needs.
2. We will deliver the movies according to your queue list by mail. Hong Kong Post is very effective and most customers will receive the movie discs in about 1-2 business day after posted. A return envelope is included. Your mails for both ways are free! We would send an email notification once the movie is mailed out to you.
3. Enjoy your movies. You can keep the movies at your own pace. There is no late fees imposed.
4. After enjoying your movies, please use the return envelope to mail back to us. Your next movie will come when we receive your returned movie. It is hassle free and you can cancel your membership at any time if you are unhappy for any reason.