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DD01 DVD All Unlimited 1 HK$98 HK$88
DD02 DVD All Unlimited 2 HK$168 HK$158
DD03 DVD All Unlimited 3 HK$238 HK$228
BD01 Blu-ray / DVD All Unlimited 1 HK$128
BD02 Blu-ray / DVD All Unlimited 2 HK$208
BD03 Blu-ray / DVD All Unlimited 3 HK$308
BD01L Blu-ray / DVD All 3 1 HK$98 HK$88

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Your registration detail is sent through a secure HTTP connection (https//.. ) . It provides an additional encryption layer of your personal detail. This is the same as most of the on-line banking does.

Also, your on-line payment is paid through "WorldPay" secure payment gateway. All your credit card information is directly input in "WorldPay " page. It gives you additional confidence in giving your sensitive information on-line.

All your account registration data is used for the sole purpose of speeding up your order process. You may further refer to our privacy policy for detail.

How can I pay the monthly fee?

We accept Hong Kong Dollar and adopt "WorldPay" as the secure payment gateway. "WorldPay" accept Visa, master cards and more. Please refer to "WorldPay" for detail.

When will I receive my movie?

We arrange the movie according to your queue list and will post it once we receive your previous disc. We recommend you to add as many movies as you like to your queue list to ensure it is not running out.

Hong Kong Post is very effective and most members shall receive the next disc one business day after we post. Posting data is shown on your account and an email notification will also be sent.

Will I be responsible for the postal loss?

If the disc does not reach you for more than 4 business days, please report to us and we will investigate the problem. Although there is rarely delivery loss, it sometimes happen and there is not the fault of the customer. In most of the time, we will take the responsibility and send you a replacement or next movie in your queue list. However, if there are many postal losses occurred for a particular customer, we reserve the right to charge back the relevant cost incurred for all the postal losses.

Can I terminate the subscription?

Unfortunately, you are no longer interested in our services for any reason and do not want to be charged, you can cancel your subscription plan at any time. Poor Internet connection sometimes may cause you not able to terminate your service in time. We recommend you to terminate your subscription 1-2 business days before the next payment.


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