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If you are a movie lover, you would love MyVideo. We love movies too and are always frustrated when we cannot or are difficult to find our favorites in video stores, not to say rushing back for return after a full-day tired work. Our passion to movies driven and inspired the birth of MyVideo.

MyVideo is an innovative company providing convenient and joyful entertainment media. Our Philosophy is simply to provide you a pleasure experience in watching movies. We want every member can get their favorite movies and enjoy themselves in a leisure way. Thus, widening the scope and no. of movies are our prime mission and we would devote lot of our resources to fulfill these. To be our member, you will be embraced by a world of joyful entertainment.


MyVideo membership allows you to access a huge library of our highly selected movies. Our clear categories and powerful search make quick access possible. You can find Blu-ray discs, hot items, old favorites, mainstream movies and even minority movies. There is always something for someone. Being not physically restricted, we can freely expand and organize our movie list easily in line with our member's wish.

Watching movies shall be an enjoyment. It should not be in a hurry. We impose no due dates and no late fees. We know people have different habits; we offer several subscription plans allowing you to get various number of movies at a time. Just relax and enjoy your movies.

The operation of MyVideo is simple. After registration, you can select your favorites in the website around the clock and we will mail you the movie on your lists. The movie discs will come with a prepaid return envelope. After watching, just put the discs back into the return envelope. Drop it to the mail and wait for your next favorite to come.

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